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The variety of hospital trolley

According to the different angles,medical carts can be divided into dozens of varieties. Do you believe it?? We will introduce the hospital carts' varieties. Medical carts can be classified according to different angles,such as:according to the material,the function classification.
According to the function, medical carts can be divided into:ambulance trolley, emergency trolley, treatment cart, medical records trolley, instrument cart, instrument trolley, drug delivery trolley, anesthesia cart, dirt trolley, infusion trolley,drug carts ect. There are dozens of kinds of hospital trolley.
According to the grade of the cart: Medical carts are luxurious, medium and ordinary.
According to the material of the medical cart: medical carts are ABS, stainless steel, sprayed and stainless steel countertops, sprayed surface.
It can be seen that the medical cart can be divided into dozens of different categories, and the medical cart refers to the ward protection transfer medical equipment, which can greatly reduce the operation burden of the caregiver and improve the work of the caregiver.