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Electric operating bed features

The electric operating bed is a multi-functional operating bed. Since it is a multi-purpose plan, the bed can maintain the various positions of the patient during the operation, in addition to the surgical requirements for the upper limbs and lower limbs to continue traction and reduction in various postures. Including the continued traction and reduction of the upper and lower limbs in the supine, lateral, and prone position. Satisfied with the needs of all parts of the joints (especially the shoulder joint, upper arm, elbow joint, forearm, hip joint, knee joint). Let's take a look at its features.
1, multi-function electric operating bed accessories, the function should be complete, can be composed of 4 to 8 sections, can be adjusted into a variety of different orientations, satisfactory surgical needs.
2, electric bed planning should be in line with the human anatomical features, to be strong, reliable, used, and simple operation.
3. The bed of the electric operating bed is made of high quality stainless steel, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant.
4, electric surgery mattress should be 50 em thick, made of non-toxic, non-evaporating materials. The mat planning should be appropriate for the patient's position to change, feel comfortable, easy to open and clean.
5, electric operating bed can pass x-ray.
6. The base is T-shaped, leaving a large space for the operator to stand.
7, the leg board is easy to open. This is also to facilitate the operation.
8, the height of the electric operating bed can be adjusted according to demand, the minimum can be reduced to 48 cIn, the bed can slide 50 em before and after.
The electric operating bed in the hospital is a relatively advanced bed for surgery. The characteristics of the electric operating bed are relatively clear. At the same time, because it can be adjusted automatically, it is very suitable for various operations.