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The design of hospital trolley

The design of hospital trolley

In the design process, the medical trolley  are designed for easy cleaning and convenient use, and the equipment is very particular in terms of material selection.

1. In order to facilitate cleaning, the design of the countertop is formed by ABS mold, which makes the car body light and easy to clean.

2. In order to increase its corrosion resistance, several columns are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles.

3, in order to more comprehensive protection of the body, the body is equipped with anti-collision equipment

4. The countertops are equipped with stainless steel fences to prevent the medicine from falling.

5, the bottom is four silent anti-winding advanced silent casters, able to withstand greater load capacity, and push and pull freely, no noise.

Each of the five-point medical carts explained above is designed around a convenient design concept.