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what is the difference between Accompany chairs and medical beds,which is more suitable for family of patients ?

The accompany chair plays an indispensable role in the hospital, bringing a lot of convenience to the family members of patient, and also reduce the occupation of the hospital ward space. Today, let's talk about which is better the accompany chair or the medical bed?
There is a big difference between the accompany chair and the medical bed. There are three different aspects between the accompany chair and the medical bed.
Folding degree: The accompany chair can be folded into a chair, which is convenient, and the medical bed can not be folded into a chair, and only the multifunctional nursing bed can be adjusted into a chair.
Area size: The accompany chair is much narrower than the medical bed, generally only 40-50CM, and the medical bed generally has about 1M.
Main use: The accompany chair is mainly used by family members, and the medical bed is mainly used for patients.
Through the above three points, it can be seen that there are some differences between the accompany chair and the medical bed, but they can all be used as beds, and they can all be pushed and run. Generally, there are some accompany chairs in large hospitals.
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