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Countries will start against medical bed industry sweep ille

Known as China's medical equipment production, consumption power, China's innovation in YiXie aspects, however, is not so active, both low - and medical beds, or some high-end products, the kind of research and development momentum, no foreign markets throughout his reason is still not enough protection of countries in this regard. 
Remember last year when a YiXie domestic manufacturers, seems to be medical bed manufacturers, to foreign participation. Their product is their research and development innovation. However, they are just copied somebody else's foreign r&d patents. This kind of situation is very common in China, but abroad to work, being the real product technology research and development company through the infringement on the spot, the local authorities will shut down all the company products, and the related people to take surveys. 
This thing if it is at home, it is estimated that many people will be normal, even if the electric medical bed factory want how, also do not know to which department should look for complaints, and relevant departments also not so fast. It is in this context, for those who do have funds invested in product innovation research and development of people, also dare not. 
Because you worked so hard to develop other factory hold things will soon be over. Each other because without your input on the cost side, their products can be sold in order to obtain the corresponding return. As the company or individual that developed the product truly don't have any advantages. This is totally be JiaYiChang form to others who would also like to, who will dare to innovation in r&d investment? 
Because of this state continued, caused the domestic YiXie market is always in the product technology content, blindly quantitative production, domestic products have no competitive in the world. National authorities aware of the seriousness of this problem, so this year will increase the intensity of this aspect of scrutiny, will send relevant department specially in charge of this aspect of the problem, to ensure a thorough check a, never let an illegal infringement cases, to ensure that the research and development company and personal interests.