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Brand medical beds in many is suitable price

As a hospital, especially the large hospital at the time of purchasing medical beds are hope to purchase the brand influence medical beds. 
At present in China's brand influential medical beds or average bed, as if has been vague on price, or feels desultorily in terms of price. So how much brand medical bed price is in commonly more appropriate? 
The average person in the consciousness of common sense will think that a brand product price is more expensive. What does this expensive in reasonable range, is beyond the scope or lower than this range will have a problem? 
Small make up today to tell you about this thing. Now although domestic electric medical bed manufacturer is numerous, but really can do this is recognized as one of the famous manufacturers in the industry is not much, basic hands can be counted, that is only a dozen altogether. Because there aren't many overall, so the price is good finishing. 
At present the most expensive brand medical beds on the sale price ten percent to ten percent, higher than the peer products about several is less than ten percent. A lot of people will feel strange, said that the production of the original price is the same as the product, production process and production equipment basic are all the same, why the brand electric bed is more expensive than ordinary products? 
This is indeed a lot of people are asking questions. In fact, as a business, really can do brand products, it is not easy, not only on product quality strictly, do the same industry leading products, he served in the pre-sale, sale service, and after-sales service to do better than peers, all these are need to labor costs. So as a brand medical beds to enhance a little price on the provide for the customer service. 
As for brand bed minimum price range is around ten percent, this is cheaper on the cost of raw material procurement, because as a raw material suppliers, to companies, big companies price nature is cheaper than general small businesses. If beyond this range, as buyers will need to leave a you need to think it over.