Medical clinic trolley

Product Name:Medical clinic trolley
Model: MINA-CT02
Specifications Size:720*470*920mm
  • Product Name:Medical clinic trolley
Size: 720*470*920mm  
Technical Parameters 
Item Quantity
IV pole 1 piece
Dust basket 2 pieces
Utility container 2 piece
Needle disposal holder 1 piece
Sliding side shelf 1 piece
Label cards for trolley and drawers 5 piece
Stainless steel guard rail 1 set
Transparent soft plastic glass 1 piece
Overbridge multi bin container 1 set
Centralized lock 1 set
Drawers 4 pieces
Luxurious noiseless casters 4 pieces
Feature :
1) Made of high-strength ABS material; 
2) One-piece ABS plastic top board with raised-edge design, covered transparent soft plastic glass; 
3) With four plastic-steel columns; 
4) 2 small & 2 middle drawers, inner with dividers can be organized easily and freely, label cards for the trolley and drawers; 
5) Sliding side shelf, stainless steel guard rails; 
6) Over bridge multi bin container, Dust basket, Needle disposal holder, IV pole, Utility container; 
7) Centralized lock; 
8) Four luxurious noiseless casters, two with brakes 


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