Adjustable Beds for The Elderly

Product Name:Electric Bed
Backrest max upward angle:0~70°
Right Footrest max upward angle:0~40°
Hi-low functions:450-750mm
  • Product Name:Electric Bed
  • Overallsize(L*W*H):2200mmX1060mmX450-750mm
    Backrest max upward angle:0-70°
  • Right Footrest max upward angle:0-40°
    Hi-low functions:450-750mm
Function: four motors, six functions (back lift, leg lift, overall lift, front bed tilt, full bed tilt, back legs linkage)
A) Technical specifications
1. Specification: (length X width X height) 2200mmX1060mmX450-750mm
2. the maximum fold back angle: 0 ° - ≥ 70 °
3. the maximum folding angle of the leg: 0°-40°
4. the overall lifting range: 450 mm-750 mm
5. the whole bed before and after the maximum tilt angle: 0 ° - ≥ 12 °
B) Technical process
1. welding process: the use of internationally renowned brand welding robot welding
2. metal surface treatment: double coating inside and outside rust treatment process
3. bed panel processing technology: steel plate spray production, a molding stretch molding, concave surface with air holes, rounded corners without solder joints
4. spray process: the use of advanced electrostatic spray processing, multi-channel processing process, the use of powder coating paint high corrosion resistance
5. plastic processing technology: using a new engineering plastic injection molding
C) Bed frame
1. double beam structure
2. Adopting high-quality cold-rolled pipe material of domestic famous manufacturers, length X width 60mmX30mm, thickness 1.5mm, and transmission arm thickness of 10mm thick high-quality plate stamping
D) Bed Panels
1.Using the famous high-quality cold-rolled steel plate of domestic famous manufacturer for one-time stretching and forming, the thickness of the plate is 1.2mm, the width is 900mm, and the total length of the bedplate is 1950mm±10mm
2. back frame tube wall thickness 1.2mm
3. When the backboard is raised, there is an angle display on the guard rail to facilitate care. Optional manual quick tipping.
E) Headboard and tailboard
1. PP head and tail plate, equipped with automatic locking device, can be quickly disassembled and facilitated first aid, imported environmental protection PP engineering plastics, a molding process through the mold surface is smooth and easy to clean, beautiful appearance, soft colors do not add recycled materials, color can be Processing according to the purchaser's request, bed and tail plate with a medical record card socket
F) Bed guardrail
1. Four pieces of PP luxury European-style lift safety barrier complying with the safety standard of IEC60601-2-38, length and width matching, smooth surface, no added recyclable material, color can be processed according to the purchaser's request, barrier and bed head, tailgate The gap is less than 60 mm, the gap between the two guardrails is less than 60 mm, and the length of the two guard rails is up to 1980 mm
2. the fence has a damping device to reduce the buffer
3. guardrail switch adopts hook lock
4. The barricade support body (the guardrail and the bed body joint) adopts a 3mm steel plate for stamping and impact resistance.
G) Control system
1. Adopting imported famous brand electric push rod (maximum thrust 6000N, maximum pulling force 4000N), compact design, low noise, high protection level
2. the control box can maximize the function of the putter, protection class IP54
3. There are buttons on the bar, which is convenient for the patient to use. There is a control panel on the tailboard to facilitate the nurses' total control and prevent the patient from misoperation.
H)bed frame
1.5 inch center control casters, central control brake pedal
2. caster built-in imported precision bearings, wheel column ¤28mm
3. double-sided wheels using imported polymeric material, wheel face diameter of 125mm, dust-proof mute wear
4. The bed frame adopts double-beam structure and adopts domestic famous Dachang quality cold-rolled pipe material. The length X width is 60X30mm and the thickness is 1.8mm.
5. bed frame installed injection decorative cover, full closed dustproof effect
6. the whole bed can load 200Kg

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