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Product Name:operating lamp Model: MINA-MJ007 Specifications Automatic computer control LCD dynamic display fault self - diagnosis display the error code Reference Europe class B standard three pre vacuum and vacuum deeo drying the fun
  • Product Name:Autoclave
1.Automatic computer control, LCD dynamic display, fault self - diagnosis, display the error code
2.Reference Europe class B standard , three pre vacuum and vacuum deeo drying the function, to make the sterilization and drying the sterilization, drying to achieve the best working conditions;
3.Preset sterilization procesures, sterilization and the drying time can be adjusted;
4.SUS304 stainless steel container and a sealing cover, double pressure protection safety door lock;
5.Not start working procedures when door not locked well;
6.Safety pressure protection lock, automatically induction sterilizing cavity, can’t open door durning sterilization process;
7.Built-in independent steam generator, fast saturated steam, so that the high temperature steam fully reach every corner;
8.Simple and convenient operating interface, LCD dynamic display, display the status information in real time;
9.Open type top water tank, filling and cleaning is convenient for user;
10.With liquid sensor for water level, to remind user to add water or drainage
11.The built-in safety valve, automatically exhaust and unloading pressure when over pressure
12.Equipped with temperature protection device, in the cavity wall tempersture and steam generator is too high will automatically disconnect;
13.With B& D test, Helix Test, and Vacuum Test program;
14.With optional external micro printer
15.The optional USB functional and U disk, the data stored in the U disk, connect the computer to view and save.


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